Waste Minimization

Waste minimization pertains to trash, recycling, compost and e-waste that our university produces. In order to more properly manage waste in a sustainable way, we are trying to recycle as much as we can, and we have also begun a new composting program with help from Miller Dining. Our recycling rates keep rising, so keep it up Cats! 

  • Recycling
    Recycling at MSU is funded by the student government and managed by the MSU Office of Sustainability. For details on this program visit the MSU Recycling Program website.
  • E-scrap / E-waste
    MSU Safety & Risk Management operates an E-Scrap program for the campus. This program is paid for by a fee charged on all university computer purchases (a percentage of purchase price). For this reason they only accept MSU property for E-Scrap recycling. For more information about E-Scrap, contact Shay Halverson, Safety & Risk E-Scrap Coordinator: 994-5678. http://www.montana.edu/wwwsrm/escrap/
  • Composting
    Our office along with University Food Services and the College of Agriculture are researching opportunities for composting food scraps from Miller Dining Hall at MSU. A pilot study is being done right now, in order to assess if composting is viable option for MSU. Visit the UFS website for other information.