Whether you are a student or an employee at MSU, you know that transportation is in high demand. Driving to campus adds to traffic congestion, infrastructure costs, and pollution. At the MSU Office of Sustainability, we are striving to increase convenience and incentives for commuters using alternative transportation. This not only improves campus transportation overall, but also achieves our goals for MSU’s Climate Action Plan.

Alternative Transportation


  • Carpooling is sustainable, and a great way to meet new people. The Western Transportation Institute, with whom our office works closely, created a site called Ride Share MT in order to promote safe commuting across Montana.

City Transit

  • Another option is the Streamline, which is very convenient and free. The Streamline has bike racks on it, so if you bike part of the way, the Streamline will gladly take you the rest of the way.


  • Cycling is the primary mode of transportation for a large portion of the student body. Bike parking is free. Read more about MSU biking here, including: rules of the road; the MSU Bike Task Force; the biking community; biking events at MSU; bike maps; and where to get your bike fixed for free.


  • Many people choose to walk. Whatever your mode of transportation, stay safe and get to class!