The MSU Office of Sustainability is committed to sustainability in many areas. Our main focus at the moment is discovering more sustainable solutions for waste minimization, our buildings and grounds, the university's food, greenhouse gas emissions, and transportation here at Montana State University. 

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

  • Greenhouse gas emissions are being addressed in the President's Climate Action Plan, and in many other ways around campus. Advocating for education, research and civic engagement to reduce emissions is a priority that can be addressed in all of these facets of sustainability. Learn more.

Waste Minimization

  • Waste minimization pertains to trash, recycling, compost and e-waste that our university produces. In order to more properly manage waste in a sustainable way, we are trying to recycle as much as we can, and we have also begun a new composting program with help from Miller Dining. Our recycling rates keep rising, so keep it up Cats! Learn more.


  • Transportation, whether it be by car, bike, or bus needs to become more sustainable in order for our campus to continue in growth. We are collaborating with environmental groups, the Western Transportation Institute (WTI), the Streamline bus system, and other transportation outlets in order to find the most efficient and user-friendly way to get to MSU. Learn more.

Buildings and Grounds

  • MSU's buildings and grounds are crucial to having a sustainable focus, due to the future of our university. From installing hand dryers to planting trees on campus, MSU Facilities is working hard towards a sustainable campus. This applies to buildings as well, as each building is planned, a team of the USGBC is consulted and Green Building goals are set. Learn more.


  • University Food Service is incorporating more local food into campus meals, such as Montana Made products and meals. The importance of adding local foods to the menu is to improve local and statewide food markets, and have to rely less on other state markets to supply our university. Along with local food, MSU is focusing on campaigns such as Take Back the Tap with refillable water bottle stations around campus in addition to tray-less dining in all food service areas. Learn more.