Climate Action Plan (CAP)

See the most recent, Dec. 7, 2011 version, of the Campus Climate Action Plan (PDF). To provide input or ask questions, please email

In 2008, MSU joined the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment (ACUPCC).

ACUPCC Signatories have recognized: “the scientific consensus that global warming is real and is largely being caused by humans. [They] further recognize the need to reduce the global emission of greenhouse gases by 80% by mid-century at the latest in order to avert the worst impacts of global warming and to reestablish the more stable climatic conditions that have made human progress over the last 10,000 years possible.” (excerpt from Commitment text)

The ACUPCC obligations include public disclosure of annual greenhouse gas emissions inventories in addition to a periodically updated climate action plan (CAP), which details GHG emissions reduction strategies, as well as research, education, civic engagement and other efforts to promote climate stabilization and progress toward sustainability.

In 2009, the MSU CSAC contracted a local third party engineering firm (McKinstry) to assist in assembling the MSU's first comprehensive greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions inventory of the MSU-Bozeman campus. This document is available below along with others that detail MSU's obligations and steps towards creating a climate action plan.

The Campus Sustainability Advisory Council is ultimately responsible for assembling MSU's Climate Action Plan with input from the MSU community and administration leadership. If you are interested in having input on the plan, please contact

Other MSU CAP Documents:

MSU Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report

April 2010 - The initial step in developing a Climate Action Plan is to complete a comprehensive GHG emissions inventory. The document linked above is MSU's inaugural inventory.