Buildings & Grounds

MSU Facility Services department is committed to demonstrating stewardship of our facilities and grounds both operationally and environmentally. Some recent examples include installing hand dryers instead of paper towel dispensers saving time, money, and resources; reducing custodial product inventory by over 10% resulting in a smaller carbon footprint, simplified operations, and increased storage space; working with soil biology to increase plant health and reduce reliance on artificial inputs; installation of energy efficient light fixtures and low-flow restroom fixtures and; reduced mowing and fertilization around natural surface water features.

Residence Life has worked with us, and many other aspects of campus sustainability to successfully spread knowledge to students and staff around the Residence Halls. Read more here

In addition, buildings on campus have become LEED Certified. The Cooley Lab's received a LEED Gold Certification, along with Gaines Hall renovations being awarded with LEED Silver Certification. The new business building, Jabs Hall, was just awarded LEED Gold Certification.  

Our associate, Dan Stevenson, explains how the last of 52,500' deep geothermal wells were successfully completed. Each well holds 1,000 feet of tubing which means Jabs Hall is surrounded by about 10 miles of underground tubing; this translates to millions of BTU's that support MSU's energy reduction goals.

(by CQ Media) 

Along with green buildings, the Strand Union Building was outfitted with Solar Panels at the southern entrance in 2012.

Solar Panels  

(photo by Emily Van Genderen)