We get it. You’re a student at two schools.

When Old Man Winter rumbles back into the Rockies, you spend a few days cramming lectures, library study sessions, and triple-shot lattes at Montana State… But most of your days, you’re attending field labs at Bridger Bowl University.


(Photo: Ryan Galloway)

Cold smoke, cliff drops, and endless carving - we think that’s rad. But what’s not rad is your daily carbon footprint, which grows tremendously from the amount of driving you do to get from powder days to power study sessions… Especially if you drive solo. And you know what more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere means? Shorter winters, warmer days, and fewer face shots.

Not rad.


(Photo: Ryan Galloway)

Consider carpooling. Fill your car with friends, family, or friends of friends, or friends of friends of friends… Anyone with skis or a board - let' em join. All your carpool mates flaked? Use the app ShareLift to find people headed you way, and join their carpool. Or check out the shuttle services Streamline offers. Jump on, relax, and visualize carving those perfect pow turns. You’ll be shredding in no time.


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