Bike Week


Why do we love biking so much? Its quick, sustainable and healthy! A lot of people have reasons not to bike to campus though. Here are the top reasons people don’t bike to campus, and our answers:

1.My hours on campus are irregular.
            a.Try commuting or biking once a week, it doesn’t have to be every day. 

2.It’s too far to bike.
            a.Don’t bike the whole way, just part of the way! The Streamline Bus probably 
stops close to your neighborhood or at least in biking distance. 

3. It takes too long. 

            a. Off-road trails, bike lanes and wide curb lanes allow you to ride past traffic, and bike commuting often takes less time when you account for traffic and delays in public transportation.

4.The winter makes it too hard to bike. 
            a.There are a multitude of bike shops around Bozeman, and many of them sell winter bike tires, which are studded and bigger for riding in the snow.


See you on the trails!