Here are some tips for Biking at MSU:

   Register your Bike with UPD

  • Your bike will get a tag and serial number and if it is stolen, UPD will send out an alert that checks craigslist, pawn shops and more. See more about this on their website .

  Learn how to do simple repairs for free

  • Outdoor recreation has a repair shop that MSU students and staff can use for quick fix-its.
  • The Bozeman Bike Kitchen also supplies parts, tools and helpful volunteers to help fix bikes and educate the community.

   Know the rules

  • If you're biking, you have issues with people walking and driving. But when you are walking or driving, bikers seem to be in your way. Conflicts like this will lessen if we all just knew the rules!
  • Here is a pamphlet that goes over the basics.

  Take advantage of biking resources

  • Our Office puts on the Bobcat Bike Check during the football games. Leave your bike with us and enjoy the game!
  • The University Police Department Bike Auction is an event that abandoned and donated bikes are sold in the Fall. 
  • The  Bike Swap  is an event in which you can sell and buy bikes in order to benefit Gallatin Valley Bicycle Club.
  • Local bike maps, such as the city map , trails map , and mountain biking map , show you bike lanes, trails and more.
  • Bike Clubs on campus are active and fun! There are mountain biking clubs, road biking clubs and more.