MSU's Sustainability Goals

Steward use of student and the University's resources, ensuring these funds contribute effectively to campus sustainability efforts and engage students, faculty and staff in a meaningful way. 

Provide employment, volunteer, and internship opportunities to students who wish to contribute to sustainability efforts at MSU. 

Build programs that engage the campus in dialogue and action. 

Link students, faculty and staff to information, campus resources, and decision-makers with regard to campus sustainability.

Leverage student activism by building partnerships with MSU administration and departments to provide program continuity year to year. 

Advocate for increased institutional commitment to sustainable policies and practices.


Kristin Blackler picture

Kristin Blackler – Director

By appointment via phone or email
(406) 994-6825 

Kristin Blackler has served as the Director of the Office of Sustainability at Montana State University for the past 5 years. Kristin has 10 years of experience advancing sustainability in higher education and is also an adjunct professor in the School of Arts and Architecture.  The only thing she loves more than skiing and playing in rivers are her students. She received a BA in Environmental Studies with a special concentration in Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology from the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Mathew Bain

Mathew Bain – Program Coordinator

(406) 994-6822

Mathew graduated with a B.S. in Environmental Science from MSU and enjoys spending his free time in the mountains and traveling around the country. As Program Coordinator, Mathew works on measuring, analyzing, reporting, and communicating data about sustainability performance and effectiveness. Mathew also oversees the campus sustainability tracking, assessment, and rating system (STARS) and helps coordinate campus sustainability activities, events, and efforts to achieve MSU’s sustainability goals.

Elise picture

Elise Cranmer – Alternative Transportation Coordinator


Elise grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado raised on lime flavored popsicles, roadside tamales, and Rocky Mountain Oysters (chewier than you would expect). The product of two hippie cyclists, Elise had no choice but to become the Bicycle Pedestrian Coordinator as well as a volunteer at the Bike Kitchen and a member of the Bozeman Area Bicycle Advisory Board (BABAB). In her free time, Elise enjoys thinking about biking, talking about biking, posting on social media about biking and, occasionally, actually riding bikes. As the Bicycle Pedestrian Coordinator, Elise does what she does best, pestering people into attending and having fun at events like Bike to School Day and Open Shop Nights.

Maya Perrier - Education and Outreach Coordinator

Maya Perrier – Education and Outreach Coordinator


Maya grew up in Missoula, Montana, and is now a senior studying political science with a minor in Native American studies. She enjoys thrifting and intends to pursue a career in law after graduation. As Education and Outreach Coordinator, Maya works to convey a coherent and consistent campus sustainability narrative. Maya also assists in communicating sustainability efforts to campus at large and promoting sustainability goals’ incorporation in all areas. 

Sarah Barr

Sarah Barr – Creative Content Developer


As Creative Content Developer, Sarah assists in the technical and creative function of communication and outreach for the office. Her responsibilities include, but are not limited to; website design and maintenance, creation of marketing and informational materials such as brochures and posters, and social media content creation.

Caleb Morgan - Multi-Media Specialist

Caleb Morgan – Multimedia Specialist


Caleb grew up in Sun Valley, Idaho and came to Bozeman because he thinks it's pretty flippin' cool here. He likes anything having to do with film and even sometimes shows up to the weekly office meetings without a reminder! Caleb helps with anything video-oriented in The Office of Sustainability along with other media-driven tasks. 

Katrina Sandoval

Katrina Sandoval – Research Intern


Katrina Sandoval is a sophomore in Electrical Engineering from Cut Bank, Montana. A Hilleman Scholar, Katrina began interning at the office at the beginning of Fall semester. She now works on getting recreational wind turbines built for rural schools across the state through the Wind for Schools program. 

Logun Norris – Recycling Coordinator (now part of Facilities Services) 

By appointment via phone or email
(406) 994-6871

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