Academic Year 2019-20

Name Position Represents Term
Kim Obbink Chair    
Jen Raymond Council Support    
Stephanie Gray Member Academic Council 6/21
Julian Collins Member Office of VP for Student Success 6/21
Jonathan Dove Member MSUASC 6/21
Verena Lawrence Member ASMSU 6/20
Julie Kipfer Member Office of University Communications 6/20
vacant Member Office of VP for Research 6/21
Cody Stone Member MSU Extension 6/20
Michael Fox Member Museum of the Rockies 6/20
Carmen McSpadden Member MSU Leadership Institute 6/20
Christa Merzdorf Member Faculty Senate 6/20
vacant Member Boardroom Bobcat 6/20
Jamie Cornish Member ATO 6/21
vacant Member VP for Administration & Finance 6/21
Kitty Saylor Member MSU Alumni Foundation 6/21
  • Faculty, staff, and professional members: two years, staggered, renewable
  • Student: one year, renewable
  • Other designated representatives: two years, staggered, renewable


All membership is by appointment of the unit or by calls put out by Faculty Senate, MSUASC, and ASMSU.