Committee Composition

  • The IRB consists of at least 5 members who are appointed by the Director of the Office of Compliance at MSU with suggestions from other committee members, the IRB Administrator, and members of the faculty.
  • IRB members may serve indefinitely at the pleasure of the Director of the Office of Compliance.
  • At least two members of the IRB must be non-scientists. These members should be able to review the research from the viewpoint of subjects and may have expertise in law, religion, ethics or matters relevant to committee work.
  • The scientific members of the committee should provide a broad representation of physical, biological and behavioral sciences as well as health professions.
  • The IRB Administrator is an ex-officio member of the IRB.
  • The IRB Chair is appointed by the Director of the Office of Compliance.

Current Committee Members

  • Stephen Guggenheim, MD - Retired Physician
  • Matthew Herman, PhD Assistant Professor - Native American Studies
  • Charlotte Jutila, MD Interim Director - Division of Health Sciences
  • Kelly Knight, PhD Assistant Professor - Sociology & Anthropology
  • Stephanie McCalla, PhD Assistant Professor - Chemical & Biological Engineering


  • Mark Quinn, PhD Professor - Microbiology & Immunology - Chair
  • Leslie Schmidt, BS Assistant Vice President for Research
  • Vanessa Simonds, PhD Assistant Professor - Health & Human Development
  • Tom Stonecipher, Lawyer (Community Representative)

 Alternate Committee Members

  • Steve Swinford, PhD Associate Professor - Sociology & Anthropology
  • Sandy Sward, MPA Director, Office of Sponsored Programs
  • Roxanne Klingensmith, Prisoner Advocate