Student Recreation Facilities Project

The Student Recreation Facilities Project was voted on by the MSU student body on the ASMSU General Election Ballot in April.  62.5% voted yes.  This was additionally passed by the Board of Regents at the May meeting.

  • Upgrading the existing rock climbing wall in the Hosaues Fitness Center and construct an additional rock climbing wall in the adjacent raquetball court. 
  • Constructing a synthetic turf field and supporting infrastructure at the Dobbie Lambert Intramural Fields.
  • Providing additional resources to support the 256 registered student organizations at MSU.

View a copy of the ASMSU Resolution passed on March 9th.

Questions?  Please contact ASMSU President, Kylar Clifton,

Climbing Wall Expansion

  • Up to $500,000 from the Student Facilities Enhancement Project will be appropriated.  No new money will be needed to implement project. 
  • Projected Opening:  Spring 2018
  • Need:
    • Current rock climbing wall is in need of an upgrade and lags far behind rock climbing walls at our peer institutions.
    • Current wall has capacity for only 16 students and is routinely filled to capacity.
  • Project would upgrade the existing rock climbing wall in the Hosaues Fitness Center and construct an additional rock climbing wall in the the adjacent squash court. 
  • This would double the climbing wall space, which would allow expanded utilization for student organizations to host fundraisers and host climbing competitions.
  • It would also create capacity for academic ACT courses to be created.
  • The expanded wall would also provide increased terrain variability.
  • Enhancements to the existing wall and the new wall would improve climber safety.

Turf Field

  • A new student fee of $16.64/semester will support this project.  $13.38 of the fee will service the debt assumed to finance construction for fifteen years.  The remaining $3.26 fee will be assessed in perpetuity for ongoing operations and maintenance.
  • Projected Timeline
    • Construction – Spring and Summer of 2018
    • Opening for Play -  Fall 2018
  • Construction of a synthetic turf field and supporting infrastructure at the Dobbie Lambert Intramural Fields.  Primary users of the field would be club sports and intramural participants, however, space will be flexible for other usage as well. 
  • This project will include:
    • Turf area will include goal posts, field lighting, scoreboard and seating for ~200 people.
    • Support building will include:
      • Pavilion/shelter, which can be reserved for a variety of uses
      • Storage for equipment
      • Restrooms
      • Team room/classroom for ACT classes
      • Locker room
  • Need for a turf field:
    • Intramural activities over the last four years, has seen a 50% total increase in the amount of unique Intramural participants (approx. 1700 to 2600).
    • Club Sports participation has grown 9% in one year.  To date, there are 26 active club sports with roughly 520 active student club members.  MSU has seen an increase in success for these clubs:
      • Women’s Rugby Club went to Nationals with their 15s team and made it to the Round of 8.
      • 4 Racers from the Bobcat Triathlon Club qualified for Nationals in Tuscaloosa, AL.
      • Women’s Ultimate hosted their first-ever tournament on campus.
      • Men’s Lacrosse went to Nationals last year and is on track for their second bid in a row to the National Tournament.
      • Racquetball club is traveling to Nationals for the third year in a row!
      • Boxing Club is a first year Club Sport and has grown very quickly, averaging 20 – 25 participants per practice.
    • Current Field Usage & Projected Activity Increase with Turf
      • When fields become frozen, they are unable to be utilized for recreational activities due to safety.  With Bozeman's weather, our current fields limit the amount of activity. 
      • Available weeks of field play would go from 15 weeks of play (9 in the Fall and roughly 6 in the Spring) to a full 32 weeks, resulting in 113% increase in weeks of play. 
      • With lights, we would add 2.5 hours a night more of potential activity, resulting in an increase from 15 hours a week of play to 30. With more scheduled activities being able to go later that will open all of the fields more for everyone to play on them.
    • Increased Hosaeus Usage
      • Hosaues Fitness Center is currently over-booked for intramurals and club practice space.  The turf field would help alleviate some of these issues due to the increased use year-round. Turf space in turn will open up more space for all students in Hosaeus!

Student Organization Funding

  • $3/semester increase to the Registered Student Organization fee, bringing the fee to $9.70/semester.  Will generate an additional $75,000/year for student organization funding.
    • Club Sports funding will increase by $25,000.  Non-club sports funding will be increased by $50,000.
  • As the university grows and expands, our student organizations will naturally as well.  MSU has over 250 registered student organizations, with ~11,000 students involved in some capacity with the student organization (member or leadership position).

  • More info. on club funding can be found HERE.
  • Need

    • The current funding is inadequate to meet the growing needs of our student organizations:
      • In spring 2016, 59 clubs applied for $306,986 in Mass Funding, however, only 34 clubs were allocated $67,700 (max amount for Mass Funding pool).
      • Due to the high activity level of the 26 registered Club Sports, their collective annual funding need is roughly $230,000, however, we only have $50,000 available to them.
      • Spring 2017 ran out of funding on January 23rd for Rolling. 
      • Spring 2016 ran out of funding on March 21st for Rolling.
  • How does the fee increase benefit students?
    • Student organizations have a large presence on the MSU campus and provide the entire student body with opportunities to participate in:
      • entertainment, educational, spiritual & cultural events
      • conferences and competitions
      • opportunities for students to make meaningful connections with peers outside the classroom in a positive environment
      • opportunities for students to transfer learning from inside the classroom to outside through group work, leadership opportunities and professional development a student organization provides
    • More funding for these groups will allow them to increase the amount of events and activities as well as have a larger presence on the MSU campus, nationally and even internationally!