Student Memorial Committee Initiative

Are you interested in either renovating or updating the student memorial on campus? Did you even know that we had a student memorial? We are a group that is trying to honor those students who have passed away while they were attending Montana State University. This is a great and rewarding way to get involved with ASMSU and the Office of Student Engagement.

Leadership Opportunities: Attending ASMSU meetings, participating in group discussions that get immediate results, speaking with university leadership

Meetings:           Thursdays at 4:00pm in the SUB 221

Timeline:             N/A

Contact:               Kade Falls Down, ASMSU Senator


Diversity Initiative

Are you interested in making Montana State University a more diverse community? Are you unsure what diversity is? Come talk to Senator Falls Down and give your ideas.

Leadership Opportunities: Participating in focus groups and panels, speaking with university leadership, making an impact on others

Meetings: No formal meetings yet. Come talk to Senator Falls Down during his office hours which are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:30pm to 1:30pm.

Timeline: N/A

Contact: Kade Falls Down, ASMSU Senator