Meet Your ASMSU Presidential Team Candidates


Taylor Blossom

I am a second-year student triple majoring in chemical engineering, economics, and directed interdisciplinary studies. Throughout my time at MSU I have been involved in Engineers Without Borders, serving as treasurer; the Science Policy Advocacy Network, as Co-President; and ASMSU, as a senator for the Norm Asbjornson College of Engineering. As a senator this year I sponsored and passed campaign spending limits to make ASMSU more accessible to all students as well as lead efforts to change the commemorative tributes policy which is being voted on at University Council this month. In addition, I was involved in protesting for the special legislative session last fall and was in Helena to lobby for funding for the University System. As treasurer of Engineers Without Borders I managed a six figure 501(c)3 budget with international transactions. While not in my extracurriculars I have worked in a biological engineering laboratory for the past year and a half. I am also a member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity. Outside of school I love to rock climb, mountain bike, camp and hunt. I also volunteer at Bozeman High School as a CAP mentor. I hope to take these experiences and apply them to the ASMSU Presidency to try and better represent students and make sure their concerns are addressed at both the ASMSU and University level by ensuring we are spending student fee dollars efficiently, making campus more ecofriendly, and supporting student activists.


Lizzy Thompson

As a sophomore in Industrial Engineering, I have worked to ensure that all Bobcats feel at home here at MSU, and am excited for the opportunity to further that sentiment into the ASMSU Vice President Role. On top of being a Women in Engineering advisory board member, a Society of Women Engineers executive team member, and the VP of Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineering, I serve as the ASMSU Campus Entertainment Director for the Office of Student Engagement. My goal as the Campus Entertainment Director was to bring intentional, fulfilling events and entertainers to our campus and I was able to do so alongside my team by planning and implementing over 50 campus-wide events including the Ben Nemtin Key Note, several Trivia Nights, and the Sweetheart Skate. I plan to bring the same work ethic and creativity to the ASMSU Vice President position. My goals for ASMSU Vice President are to reduce the carbon footprint created by our campus, strengthen relationships amongst students and their peers and students and administration, and spend your student fee dollars in ways that directly serve you and your fellow Bobcats. If I’m not in the OSE, or Roberts Hall, I’m most likely skiing, reading, rock climbing, or pulling shenanigans with my friends. I am surrounded by MSU students who display their ingenuity, love for adventure, and integrity every day, and would be honored to serve each and every one of you as the ASMSU Vice President.



Justin Hodges

Hello bobcats! I am currently a Junior studying Mechanical Engineering minoring in Aerospace. I am beyond thankful to be attending such a fantastic university with so many great academic and outdoor opportunities. When not on campus, I enjoy skiing, ice climbing, rock climbing, backpacking, fly fishing, and mountaineering.


Courtney Stutheit

Hello! I am from Littleton, Colorado and wanted to come to Montana for some new adventures, but I still wanted my mountains. As a sophomore studying Chemical Engineering I am honored to be apart of the Norm Asbjornson College of Engineering and love every opportunity I get to learn there. Currently I am a Resident Advisor in Hannon Hall and love being a friend and resource to my residents and fellow Resident Advisors. This year I also had the opportunity to be on the Senate Finance Board and help plan the ASMSU budget for the 2018-2019 school year and in the process learned what all falls under the vast umbrella of ASMSU. In my down time I love to spend time engaging with my friends and fellow Chi Alpha members in thought provoking discussions, giving out hot chocolate and coffee on the mall to make Mondays a little warmer, or getting in a good powder day at Bridger.




Justin Johnson

My name is Justin Johnson and I am a Junior studying chemical engineering with minors in biochemistry and German language. Throughout my time at MSU, I have been involved in a number of organizations, such as: ASMSU, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and the MSU VOICE Center. I am excited to get to work to provide for Montana State University Students.


Caitie Heinrich

My name is Caitie Heinrich and I am a junior studying political science and women and gender studies. I am involved with Pi Beta Phi, Model United Nations, Students for CEDAW, and I am currently an ASMSU Senator for the College of Letters and Science. I love being outdoors and volunteering in the community.

Meet Your ASMSU Senate Candidates 


Koley Clements

My name is Koley Clements. I am a junior in the crop science program here at MSU with focus in soil science. I am an active member in QSA and a student manager at the campus bakery. I will provide an inclusive voice for the students in the College of Agriculture in ASMSU.


Jack Schmitz

Hi, I'm Jack Schmitz, I am a Junior in Pre-Vet from Spokane, Washington. I am active in Pre-Vet Club, Collegiate Grain Growers, Alpha Zeta, and College of Ag Student Council. In my spare time I enjoy skiing and fly-fishing. I will vote to make sure that your money is spent efficiently and productively on things that we actually need.


Silas Teasdale

Arts and Architecture
I'm Silas Teasdale, and I'm going to be your senator for the College of Arts and Architecture. I love making music, skiing, fishing, ultimate, and making trash can shots with balled-up paper. I'm in class, so we have to chat though this piece of paper... I'm running because MSU needs people who are motivated to improve student life and opportunities, and I believe I can be that person. To me, the Senate is a tool to fix problems that affect us, the student body. The three pillars of my candidacy are flexible problem-solving, progressive and modern justice, and down-to-earth communication. I care about the people around me, and I will never act in a self-serving or indifferent manner while your senator. The important thing to remember is that I;m serving as a representative for you. Communication is essential in any relationship, remember? If you know any problem I could carry forth to the Senate, I'd be grateful if you let me know! 


Will Horton

Business and Entrepreneurship
My name is Will Horton and I am a sophomore accounting student here at Montana State University. Over the past year, I have served as Social Chair and Treasurer of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, interned with a commercial real estate brokerage and engaged in various forms of community service. I will give a strong voice for Montana State's fraternity and sorority life and the Jake Jabs College of Business and Entrepreneurship.


JaCari Murphy

Business and Entrepreneurship
My name is JaCari Murphy and I am a Sophomore in the Business program at MSU with an emphasis in Marketing. Over the last two years, I have proudly served as a senator and president of MSU's Residence Hall Association. I have been involved in student government for the last six years. It's a privilege to be involved in the student governing process, and being able to be the voice of students that count on you. I will represent the MSU Business Students by engaging students and being a strong voice for them.


Kaitlyn Reiman

Business and Entrepreneurship
My name is Kaitlyn Reiman and I am a Sophomore studying business with a focus in marketing and management. I stay involved on campus through my current work as a Sophomore Surge mentor and Orientation Leader, and my Freshman year I served as Roskie Hall President. I also serve on the Leaders Council for Alpha Omicron Pi and work on campus as an administrative assistant for Culinary Services. I have 3 main goals: 1. Provide effective, accountable, and transparent leadership for the students in the Jake Jabs College of Business and the MSU community as a whole. 2. Break the stigma around mental health and create more effective pathways for students to get help from the resources we have on campus. 3. Expand inclusion and diversity programs within the College of Business and on campus. Every student has an opinion on where they think their student fees should be spent, and I want to be their voice and make sure their best interests come first.


Mason DeVries

Education, Health and Human Development
My name is Mason, and my major is “General Science Broadfield - Secondary Education,” which is a really long way of saying that I’m studying to become a high school science teacher. Outside of class, I’m an Advocate and a Peer Educator the the VOICE center, a member of QSA, and a Sophomore Surge mentor.


Aynagul Druckenmiller

Education, Health and Human Development
My name is Aynagul Marie Druckenmiller and I am a sophomore in the Human Development and Family Sciences at MSU with a minor Business Administration. Over the last two years, I have been the president of International Student Inc, and attended many other clubs at MSU. I am heavily engaged in community service with different local non-profits and am a 1st Lt in the Civil Air Patrol, the USAF Auxiliary. I keep up with local government and care a lot about my home town and the students at MSU. I will be a well informed and strong voice for the Students of Education and Health and Human Development.


Nick Lyon

Education, Health and Human Development
Nick Lyon is a Junior at MSU and is double majoring in Technology Education and Industrial Technology. During the winter, Nick works as a ski instrutor at the Yellowstone Club. But when he is not working, you can usually find him studying in the library, or skiing up at Bridger Bowl before class or on the weekends. In the summer, Nick likes to be out on the Ocean, whether that be sailing, cruising around the Puget Sound in his runabout, or running a summer camp for kids in the San Juans. Nick is a very dedicated and hard-working student and has a passion for anything in the outdoors.


Connor Mulvaney

Education, Health and Human Development
Hello!! My name is Connor Mulvaney and I am a Junior studying Secondary Education - General Science Broadfield and minoring in Sustainability. For the past 2.5 years, I have worked as a Student Associate of the MSU Leadership Institue planning and conducting various leadership workshops, events, lectures, speakers, and retreats. I am a strong advocate for interdisciplinary education and am especially passionate about Environmental Science. I strive to make Montana State University more energy efficient, less wasteful, and an overall more sustainable university.


Amber Halstad-Albarez

My name is Amber Halstad-Albarez and I am a senior in mechanical engineering here at MSU who is also pursuing a minor in computer science. In my time I have spent here at MSU I have been an orientation leader, did an internship for the Walt Disney Company in Orlando, Florida, been in a sorority and held positions in said sorority, and work two jobs. I would love to be a senator for ASMSU because I feel very passionate about engineering and want to feel connected to the other students and the department.


Natalie Hall

My name is Natalie Hall and I am a second-semester freshman studying Financial Engineering and on-track to declare a Computer Science minor. Although I am young, I am eager to learn everything there is to know about my new home at Montana State University. I’m actively involved in the Honors College, Alpha Omicron Pi, Engineers Without Borders, MSU’s Alpine Ski Club, and the VOICE center. As I continue my studies here I want to explore more ways to be connected with my peers, especially as a representative for other engineering students through ASMSU.


Tom Loving

My name is Tom Loving, I'm a sophomore studying chemical engineering as well as an honors student. I was heavily involved with student government and other leadership roles during high school and I hope to bring that experience to work for the students of MSU. I enjoy skiing, hiking, camping and pretty much any other outdoor activity you can think of. My goals in running for senate are to improve campus transportation and parking, to ensure students have access to resources to help them succeed and to improve the overall student outreach of ASMSU.


Parker McComb

My name is Parker McComb and I grew up in the greater Seattle area. In 2010, I started working on a ranch here in Montana during the summers. I attended Bellevue College for a little over a year and decide to transfer to MSU. In the Spring of 2016 I started my year off for residency and worked on the ranch to make money to pay for college. This experience has allowed me to learn hard life lessons that have helped me excel in school. It has shaped me to understand what is necessary to get the job done and what is excess.


Ambika Muali

Hello MSU! My name is Ambika Murali and I am a sophomore studying Computer Engineering, with a minor in Electrical Engineering. I am a current ASMSU student senator representing the College of Engineering. I stay involved on campus through MSU's IEEE (Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineering) chapter and Women in Engineering. In addition, I work with the Office of International Programs as a marketing/recruiting student assistant. I am passionate about student government on campus and love to represent the best interests of students in the Senate. I hope to keep serving the MSU student body and the Bozeman community to the best of my abilities through ASMSU Senate.


Brenden Pelkie

My name is Brenden Pelkie. I'm a sophomore in Chemical Engineering, as well as applied math. I hope to use this education to lead research into renewable energy. I am engaged in research on campus, as well as being president of Stoked on Spokes and a brother in the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. I work with Eaglemount ski program and am part of Gallatin County Search and Rescue. My free time is spent backcountry skiing or otherwise exploring whatever mountains I can find myself in. I look to represent the interests of the College of Engineering.


Tyler Sather

My name is Tyler Sather, I am sophomore in Mechanical Engineering Technology. I am a member of the MSU Cycling Club. I am looking to be a strong voice for the students, and making the changes that the whole student body wants.


Janae Vasatka

My name is Janae Vasatka and I am a sophomore originally from Washington state. I came out here to Montana to peruse studying Mechanical Engineering and I am also minoring in Aerospace. Back home I try to be involved in my community by volunteering for as a camp counselor for the summer leadership camps put on by the Association of Washington Student Leaders. On campus I hold an officer position within my sorority Alpha Omicron Pi as well as continue to stay focused on my academics. I have always been very passionate about my academics, and positively representing and promoting women in STEM fields.


Austin Anderson

Letters and Sciences

Hi name is Austin Anderson, I'm a non-traditional student running for a Senate Position in the College of Letters and Science. Over the last few years, I have fought wildfires with the Montana National Guard, started a business, and worked in an emergency room. Throughout my time in high school, I was a member of FFCLA and worked in student government to better our school. My platform this year is a six-point plan starting with Infrastructure expansion at MSU, education, affordability, student right's, student engagement, ASMSU's Budget, and ASMSU Reform. if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me. -Of the Students, For the Students



Sophia Elias

Letters and Sciences
My name is Sophia Elias and I am a sophomore in Biochemistry. I'm originally from Anchorage, Alaska and love to climb and ice-skate in my free time. As co-president of the Undergraduate Chemistry, an active member of a stem cell research lab and an ambassador of the honors college, I am excited about science outreach and student involvement on campus. I support campus sustainability and will strive to ensure that student voices are heard.


Karalee Kothe

Letters and Sciences
Hello MSU! My name is Karalee Kothe and I am a sophomore double majoring in Psychology and Global and Multicultural Studies with a minor in Hispanic Studies. I am currently a staff writer for the MSU Exponent, a Sophomore Surge Mentor, an Eagle Mount volunteer, and on the executive board of the Alpha Omicron Pi sorority. This experience along with my determination to seek the truth, advocate for my fellow students and tenacity will allow me to represent the diverse students of the College of Letters and Science. Go Bobcats!

Elijah Lindsay

Letters and Sciences
My name is Elijah Lindsey, I am a sophomore from Anchorage Alaska currently studying Geology at the college of letters and science. I am a member of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity and was recently elected as their Vice President of Internal Affairs. I am very involved in the Bozeman community and am exposed to alot of groups and school officials with my current position including Students Against Sexual Assault and The Assistant Dean. I believe that as an active student I can provide positive and constructive input for ASMSU

Ash Micklewright

Letters and Sciences
Hello Bobcats! My name is Ashley Micklewright, and I am a junior studying Conservation Biology and Ecology with a minor in Water Resources. I have had the privilege of growing up in the beautiful town of Bozeman that we all call home. Throughout my college career, I have had the opportunity to study abroad, participate in the MSU Greek system, and be involved on campus through mentoring for Sophomore Surge and SEGA. All of these incredible experiences have shaped who I am, and made me aware that those who struggle with mental wellbeing can be found anywhere. This is an issue that many of our Bobcats face, and I believe more needs to be done to help those that are struggling around us.

Scotty Killian

Letters and Sciences
Scotty is a junior studying Cellular Biology and Neuroscience in the prestigious College of Letters and Science. He spent the past two academic years representing his college on the ASMSU senate, one year as the ASMSU Senate Speaker Pro Tempore. During his tenure he tirelessly pushed for a climbing wall expansion, the addition of a Women, Infants, and Children’s (WIC) clinic on campus, banning small plastics, and a Fix-it-Fair. He hopes to continue working to make MSU more equitable, sustainable, and affordable for current and future Bobcats.

Ellie Krizan

Letters and Sciences
My name is Ellie Krizan, and I am a freshman pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science at Montana State University, with a minor in Agricultural Business. Since beginning my journey at MSU only a few month ago, I have been active in a variety of student-life activities, served on the College Republicans at Montana State University's executive board, and engaged in initiatives to support the advancement of education. I look forward to having the opportunity to give a strong voice for the students in Letters and Science in ASMSU.

Allison Reinhardt

Letters and Sciences
My name is Allison Reinhardt and I am a freshman studying Cell Biology and Neuroscience and am enrolled in the Honors college. As an outdoor enthusiast, I absolutely love living in Bozeman as I love to hike, ski, and play in any source of water I can find. My passion however, comes from serving others especially through student government. As one of two delegates from the state of Montana selected for the United States Senate Youth Program, I saw first hand the importance of being informed and willing to take a stand for what I believe in. I realized that I have a voice and when informed -- I can make a difference. It is this passion that is driving me to run as a senator for ASMSU and to advocate for student needs. I hope to be a voice for students enrolled in the College of Letters and Sciences at MSU. I would be so excited to help make changes here at this incredible university in one of the best college towns in America.

Naija Tariq

Letters and Sciences
My name is Najia and I'm a Senior Psychology student at MSU graduating in Spring 2018. My aim is to earn a MFT from MSU as well. I have a number of volunteer experiences in USA that makes me a confident person. I will give a strong voice for the students in ASMSU.

Conner Wise

Letters and Sciences
My name is Conner Wise and I am a first year majoring in biochemistry. This past school year, I have been deeply involved in helping out residents at our school by being on the Residence Hall Association (RHA) Senate. During my time on RHA Senate, I have noticed that there is a large portion of our school that still needs a voice. My goal would be to give a voice to those who do not now have one and to bring an equal say to all of our students while making our campus safer for everyone.

Anna Jurovich

Hello! My name is Anna Jurovich and I am a sophomore student in the nursing program here at MSU. This school year, I became the ASMSU student receptionist with the Office of Student Engagement, where I have been able to work with and appreciate MSU's hard working and motivated student government. Over the past semesters, I have personally taken pride by engaging in many of the events put on by this school and I believe that I can take my experiences with the OSE and ASMSU to make a positive difference at this school.

Julia William

My name is Julia Wellham, and I am a sophomore nursing student at MSU-Bozeman. Over the past year I have worked at a research lab here on campus and participated in community service. I will be a voice a for the students in the college of Nursing at MSU.

Isaac Gilbertson

University Studies
hi, my name is Isaac Gilbertson and I am a freshman in university studies at MSU. I am also a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon. But the most important fact about me is I want to help people in any way that I can. born in Bozeman MT and raised in Belgrade MT.

Natalie Abbot

Natalie Abbot, a life-long Montanan, is an active Senator At-Large, National Level Ambassador, and a Montana State 4-H Cowboy Action Shooting Champion. Along with being a Senator At-Large for ASMSU, she has been an Orientation leader and Peer Leader for First Year University Seminar as well as a member of Alpha Lambda Delta honor society, and a regular at Country Swing Dance Club. When not studying, Natalie can be found outdoors with friends enjoying adventures. Running “At-Large” her view on being a senator is “I care about this campus, its people, and what happens to it.”

Danny Branch

Hello, I am Danny Branch. I am currently a Freshman in the Science option of the Animal Science program. Following a five-year enlistment in the United States Navy as a Weapons Specialist, I started working in various facets of the ranching/agricultural production industry. This work not only led me to the exploration of the Rockies, from Arizona to Montana and everywhere in between, but also to finding my true calling. Being the son of a Doctor of Agricultural Economics and a Veterinarian, agriculture and the West have always been dear to me. However, it was not until my own venture into agriculture that I found it to be what I wanted my future to be. This calling is what has brought me to Montana State University and my new home of Bozeman. Following successful completion of my bachelor’s degree, it is my aspiration to continue my education in veterinary school. While here at MSU, in addition to maintaining the highest standard of academics, it is my goal to serve the university that is doing so much for me. It is to that end that wish to be your representative to the Associated Students of Montana State University.

Brendan Carlin

My name is Brendan Carlin and I am Junior studying Animal Science at MSU. It will be my goal as your ASMSU senator to lower student fees and promote fiscal responsibility at MSU.

Hale Davies

My name is Hale Davies and I am a sophomore in the Cell Biology and Neuroscience program here at Montana State University. As a member of Pi Kappa Alpha I am very involved in Greek Life here at MSU and I currently hold the position of Sergeant at Arms on the Interfraternity Council. As Sergeant at Arms I am responsible for coordinating walkthroughs to ensure the safety of the members and guests at fraternity events. I deal with any problems that may arise within the fraternities, and communicate regularly with the Office of the Dean and address any concerns they may have. My prior positions of leadership include Alumni Relations Chairman at Pike and President of my high school senior class. Aside from academics I enjoy skiing, fishing, shooting, and pretty much anything outdoors!

Blake Greener

My name is Blake Greener, I am a junior from San Diego, California studying political science at MSU. I have been apart of the MSU Club lacrosse team since my freshman year and have helped the team grow immensely. I am very passionate about Montana State University and am driven to lead and help our student body. When I'm not working, at school, or at lacrosse, I enjoy spending time hiking and relaxing outdoors.

Garth Grimsrud

My name is Garth Grimsrud. I am a senior studying Construction Engineering Technology. I am actively engaged in Greek Like and a member of the Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity. For the past 3 semesters I have served as the Inter Fraternal Council President. I also actively participate in other organizations on campus such as the SAFE Coalition, intramural sports and Advocats.

Sheridan Johnson

Hey there! I'm Sheridan Johnson and I'm from Conrad in North-Central Montana. This is my freshman year at Montana State and I am a double major in Agriculture Education - Communications and Political Science. I love all that MSU has to offer, especially the sense of community. During my freshman year, I have been involved in a number of clubs within the College of Agriculture. I like to spend my free time volunteering around the valley as I meet awesome people! As I run for an at-large Senate position, I am excited about the potential opportunity to represent students from across campus.

Todd Lackman

Todd Lackman is a junior majoring in Agricultural Education - Broadfield Teaching with an Agricultural Business minor. He grew up on a family farm in Southeastern Montana and has continued his passion for agriculture and service as a student at the land grant university of Montana State. Todd served as a state officer for the Montana FFA Association during his freshman year at MSU and has since gotten involved in Collegiate FFA, Collegiate Young Farmers & Ranchers, Agricultural Education Club, Alpha Zeta Honors Agricultural Fraternity, College of Agriculture Ambassadors, Sophomore Surge, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, and the Montana FFA Alumni Board of Directors. He is a student in the Honors College and seeks to represent the diversity of students at Montana State with his experience in a wide range of campus clubs and activities.


Miles Maxver

Hi I'm Miles Maxcer and I study Environmental Science, Political Science, Science Communication and Entomology as an Honors interdisciplinary student. That's a mouthful, but basically I love to work with people from all disciplines to accomplish common goals. I currently serve as an Advisor to the ASMSU President, an At-Large Representative, and Finance Board Member, alongside my Ambassadorships for the Colleges of Agriculture & Honors, and ownership of an outreach company. I am passionate about public service, and I look forward to continuing to make MSU a place that all students can be proud of! With your support, I will be relentless in representing the interests of all students as an At-Large Senator!

Thomas McGrath

My name is Thomas McGrath and I am a junior studying conservation biology. Over the three years I have been at MSU, I have served as a student associate of the MSU Leadership, as well as president of MSU's club Sustainability Now and an active member of the HEART Initiative. I have planned conferences, planned protests, and helped students achieve their sustainability goals. I am excited to run at-large, as I have seen what student voices can achieve. I am excited to represent these voices and give a platform to all populations in our student body.

Jarod Schweighardt

My name is Jarod Schweighardt, and I am a junior here at MSU majoring in agriculture business management. I am from a small rural town of 900 in Oregon, and I enjoy fishing and hiking. I will be a strong voice in our student government promoting transparency between ASMSU and our student body.

Karl Swenson

Who do you want representing you? Someone with leadership experience? Someone with an appetite for cheesy puns? My name is Karl Swenson and I’m a junior majoring in mechanical engineering with a minor in aerospace. I have served two years in the ASMSU Senate and I’m looking to continue my work next year. As a member of the Spirit of the West Pep Band, Circle K, and as a student tutor, I represent a wide variety of students and I hope to have your vote once again.

Ashtyn Winchell

My name is Ashtyn Winchell and I am a freshman in the Psychology program at MSU, focusing on attention and memory. In the past, I was the founder and president of a sailing club, where I pitched ideas to student government, negotiated with foundations and yacht club boards for funding and practice areas, and made speeches to rooms of over one hundred people. I don't have much experience with Student Government, but I make up for it with enthusiasm and a passion for helping those whose voices aren't heard. I hope to be a champion for every MSU student by listening to what they need and making it happen.


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4/10/18 General Debate
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