MSU's Commitment

As Montana’s land-grant institution, Montana State University is dedicated to serving the people of Montana. This service is provided primarily through education, research and outreach. Though MSU continues to evolve to meet the state’s most pressing needs, its dedication to service and outreach has remained central to its mission.

Diverse Disciplines, Diverse Geography

Through its diverse academic offerings and statewide geographic presence, MSU provides education, resources and programs that help all Montanans. In addition to the Bozeman campus, MSU encompasses seven Montana Agricultural Experiment Station research centers, and county Extension offices that serve all 56 counties. With academic colleges in agriculture; arts and architecture; business; education, health and human development; engineering; letters and science; nursing; university college; MSU’s expertise spans many disciplines, helping to improve the daily lives of Montanans in rural and urban areas alike.

History of Service Mission

The Morrill Land-Grant Act of 1862 established land-grant institutions across the nation to meet growing demand for academic opportunities and provide citizens practical education with relevance to their daily lives. Subsequent federal acts, including the Hatch Act of 1887 which established agricultural experiment stations, and the Smith-Lever Act of 1914 which created the Extension Service to assist with educational outreach throughout the state, deepened MSU’s responsibility to serve the citizens of Montana.



Lifelong Learning

lifelong learning

MSU connects students of all ages with opportunities for self development and service to enrich their lives.

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Office of Activities and Engagement

Continuing Education

Museum of the Rockies


lifelong learning

MSU serves producers across the state by researching agricultural issues and disseminating knowledge that helps address those issues.

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Montana Agriculture Experiment Station

MSU Extension

Economic Development

economic development

MSU enhances Montana's economic vitality though education, research and business assistance.

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Montana Manufacturing Center



Jake Jabs Center for Entrepreneurship for the New West

Community Engagement

community engagement

By educating citizens, providing service and offering programs, MSU helps strengthen Montana communities.

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Montana 4-H

Montana Watercourse


MSU Extension

K-12 Partnerships

k-12 partnerships

MSU improves K-12 education through partnerships that enrich education and implement best practices in Montana schools.

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MSU America Reads America Counts

National Teachers Enhancement Network

Extended University

MSU's K-12 Service and Outreach Efforts

Native American Partnerships

native american partnerships



Curiosity and collaboration drive research discoveries at MSU. Every student pursues a research or creative experience in their chosen discipline with a faculty mentor.

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Energy Research Institute

Center for Bio-Inspired Nanomaterials

Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Mitigation

High Temperature Electrochemistry Center

Zero Emissions Research and Technology

Two-Year Education

two-year education

Gallatin College at MSU provides professional skills to improve employment opportunities and the financial futures of Montana citizens.

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Business Management

CNC Machining Technology

Design Drafting

Health Information Coding

Interior Design

Medical Assistant

Welding Technology

Developmental education courses