Freshman 15

MSU's "Freshman 15" initiative encourages students to be fiscally and academically responsible by taking 15 credits each semester so they can graduate in four years. At MSU, there is no cost for additional credits after a student pays for the first 12 hours. This equates to an $816 per semester savings for a Montana student.

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Fiscally Savvy

MSU launched a new Office of Financial Education that focuses on financial literacy and is integrated into advising and career services counseling. The program aims to reduce debt and educate students so they can make smart choices and develop solid financial habits.

Montana Made

Nearly a quarter of the food MSU's University Food Services buys each year comes from farmers and producers in the state.

Improving Education and Efficiency

LEED Silver Certified Gaines Hall.

MSU's efficiency efforts to date have resulted in a 3 percent reduction in electricity and natural gas use since 2007, despite the growth of campus by nearly 234,000 square feet. Testing of geothermal-based heating and cooling on campus is also allowing mechanical and industrial engineering students to work with a technology that will play an increasingly important role in how homes and workplaces are heated.

Environmental Excellence

MSU was named one of the "Sustainable 16," a group of 16 colleges and universities exemplifying excellence in environmental academics in the first-ever March Madness Tournament for Environmental Studies.